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bb_front_prod_facilitate2The LTI Game is developed by BlueBehavior, a company that supports leadership and safety development through partners almost anywhere in the world.

Whether you and your team just need a helping hand or a full train-the-trainer workshop, it may be provided, often at short notice.

A Top 16 list of leadership challenges potentially discussed during game play are addressed in the Perspective Postcards which are available to all LTI Game™ partners.

For inspiration, please visit

If you wish to develop your own version of the LTI Game™ board or add cards to the existing stacks of knowledge, please consider consider becoming an LTI Game™ Partner and send a mail to

LTI Game™ Partner

If you are already a LTI Game™ Partner, please leverage these resources:

  • Product Flyer – to be provided prior to any LTI Game™ session
  • Underlying Models – box of Perspective Postcards within Leadership and Safety
  • Game Play Introduction. A brief 10-slide opening presentation you may use to introduce the LTI Game™ to your target audience. Click on [Learn More] to jump to SlideShare and download the full presentation to be presented using PowerPoint. Once downloaded, please try each slide’s storytelling builds and select the slides that works for you.

Additional information is found in the LTI Game™ rule booklet’s page 6 discussing what happens before, during and after game play. See also page 7 which outlines how you may expand the game by offering your own decks of cards and branded game board.