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bb-ppls-transp-img_2864BlueBehavior Perspective Postcards on Leadership and Safety.

The essential challenges encountered in the LTI Game™ are addressed in a library of postcards, which any partnering facilitator may call upon when needed.

These postcards — the BBPPLS for short — are often used to align game focus with other perspectives, especially when the LTI Game™ is being used as an activity within a larger program. It even works vice versa, allowing for the BBPPLS to be used as essential knowledge markers and summary images for topics covered across other program activities and materials*.

Each postcard adresses a specific leadership challenge in a mix of graphics, photos and brief text. The package covers these topics:

  1. Leadership Essential: TAO
  2. Heinrich, Reason & Marsh
  3. Motivating 3P Agreements
  4. Universal Approach: Skill & Will
  5. Ask, Listen & Be Flexible
  6. Project Lines & Triple Constraint
  7. Meaningful Conversations
  8. Communication & Storytelling
  9. Read and Use Body Language
  10. Reptilian Reactions
  11. Conflict Steps & Personification
  12. Giving and Receiving Feedback
  13. Identify & Mitigate Risk in Parallel
  14. Decisions & the Dilatant Dilemma
  15. Performance Behavior Matrix
  16. Values and Core Quadrants

*As a consequence, LTI Game™ Partners may use the BBPPLS even without the LTI Game.