Your LTI Game™

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The LTI Game™ is designed and developed as a platform to be used across various industries and challenges. As a facilitator, consultant and/or corporate trainer, you may use the game as-is, preferably with the rulebook’s recommendation about selecting and sorting the different types of cards prior to play.

All of the additional options listed here are based upon a unique supply chain that leverages standardized software and best practice game manufacturing to allow for the production of even small quantities at a meaningful price point.

Individual cards and localized game board is available with as little as 4 cases / 8 games, which may be co-developed and ready to use within 20 working days + shipment.

Revenue from any deck of cards that is developed for a specific business, environment, organisation and/or occasion that is later offered back to the LTI Game™ community  may either be paid out or donated as a sponsor of free games for schools and learning institutions.

Share insight and gain revenue by offering your cards to other organizations as a LTI Game™ Partner