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In each robust and orange Pelican Case you’ll find two laser cut foam trays, each with a complete LTI Game™:

  • 1  Game board, made up of 9 puzzle pieces and 2 half-sized add-ons to accommodate 4-6 players.
  • 1  Rulebook & facilitator’s guide, 8 pages total.
  • 7  Dice: 6 blue 4-sided player dice for voting and moving (d4) and 1 red 20-sided bonus/risk-dice (d20)
  • 8  LTI Tokens: 1 green team progress, 1 red project finish and 6 white player RMB score indicators
  • 50  Blue Decision cards, A5 in three categories: Safety, dilemma and picture + cover card with summary rules
  • 50  Purple Suprise cards, A7 with good/bad news and project concept cards + cover card w. LTI check rules on back

Everything you need to engage 2 – 12 players in a meaningful and catalytic dialogue