Introduction to the LTI Game™

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The LTI Game™ is a challenging board game where the players work together towards a sharp deadline — without cutting corners and risking a LTI — a Lost Time Incident…

Game Objectives

The overall objective is to increase the players’ awareness of safety leadership. In particular, to experience the consequences of stressed decisions – ranging from failed interventions on site to wrongful assumptions in the office.


The LTI game™ is played in groups of 3-6 persons around a puzzle pieced game board, where a large circle represents four months of a project. The goal is to display safe leadership behavior and reach the elusive project finish line without incidents…

Every round, a player must consider a decision, where his or her choice either increases or decreases the risk of an LTI, which may force the project to a stop. The decision of the active player determines the round’s project progress. Players must guess along in order to improve their individual Role Model Behavior, aka. RMB Score. During course of play, the project may be surprised by outside circumstances where only strong leadership can help avoid further delays.

Beautifully designed game board with easy to follow instructions for various play modes